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Genevieve Avalon is a licensed massage therapist, and is certified in craniosacral therapy, ancestral healing, reiki master level, pranic, and theta healing. She is a certified doula, as well as a Spinning Babies Aware Bodywork Practitioner, and has apprenticed with Adrienne Caldwell.  In addition, she has studied MFR (Myofascial Release), EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), past-life regression, crystal healing, tarot, and astrology.






Like many, She has come to this art through her personal journey of seeking. In her travels she has had many teachers, none greater than Spirit itself. She subscribes to no one religion or belief system. Working with unconditional Love and the ancient heart of the Divine Feminine, Spirit has shown her that miracles can happen when one creates a safe container to invite Love in. In that space no illusion can exist, only truth. It is that truth alone which heals.


Our willingness to open to love, our ability to feel safe enough to let down the barriers we have built around our heart, and our desire to grow and evolve are what determines the profundity of each session. She believes her skill as a practitioner of the healing arts is in creating a fertile space in which to blossom.

It is her great honor to empower and support you on your unique path of self-discovery. Many Blessings & Infinitely Boundless Divinity to you!