I approach each session mindfully, taking care to listen to each person's body & spirit. Through my listening, I am able to access the deep wisdom of the body and hear it's unique story. With this thoughtful approach, the body serves as a guide to the areas where there is tension, and helps me to gently relax the soft tissue and increase energy flow, while supporting the body coming into balance. 

Massage Therapy & Prenatal Bodywork

Mindfully crafted, detail-oriented massage that blends science, skillful techniques, and intuition to release tight muscles, while gently supporting the body to alleviate stress and discomfort in the body.  Every massage is tailored to meet your goals, and is led by listening to the body. Pressure ranges throughout the massage and varies based on the needs of the tissues and preference of the client. Prenatal bodywork is focused on creating balance in the body to support optimal fetal positioning and stress relief.

Craniosacral Therapy

The craniosacral rhythm can be felt throughout the body, like the cardiac and respiratory pulse. Craniosacral therapy helps to enhance the function of the central nervous system. It is a gentle modality that uses soft touch to release restrictions in the tissues surrounding the central nervous system, and unwind tension being held in the body. 

Ancestral Healing

 Ancestral Healing is a powerful method to work within the lineage and resolve energetic patterns that are coming up in the present. These patterns are the ones that keep repetitively appearing in one's life. These foundational patterns limit our access to deeper states of peace, comfort, and sweetness in life. Through directed breathwork and somatic awareness, we are able to access the wisdom of the body in order to release outdated belief systems, stagnant energies, and dense frequencies. This work is simple, yet profound. It helps to support powerful healing on many levels and is done over the phone!  

Energy Work

 Energy work sessions are a blend of Reiki, Theta, Ancestral, & Pranic Healing. All of these modalities support the body in releasing stagnant energies, old patterns, and restrictions in the energetic field. It can be easy to feel "heavy" energetically in today's world, and an energy session can help you to feel lighter, nourished, and more spacious within. The body knows how to heal, and energetic maintenance helps to stimulate and support the body's natural healing abilities.